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SWEDHR authors rebuttal in Dagens Nyheter (DN_debatt): Sverige riskerar bli förstahandsmål [English: Sweden risks being a primary target – In a military conflict of NATO VS. Russia]:

We think that the prevailing neutrality during Olof Palme’s time, combined with a strengthening of our own defence in the form of, for example reintroduction of conscription, would be better guarantee for Sweden’s security. This would also mean that Sweden could reclaim an active role in the work of peace and respect for human rights in the world.”

SWEDHR in DN debatt

SWEDHR authors: Severe tensions between Nato, Russia and Ukraine could lead to a greater war – Warmongers should think twice. NewsVoice

Ferrada de Noli M, Elinder L., & Romelsjö A: En politisk lösning i fallet Assange – regeringsgarantier mot en utlämning. Västerbotten Kuriren | [“A political solution to the legal stalemate in the case Assange – Government guarantees against extradition“]

Ferrada de Noli M: Självmord bland invandrare ökar.. Swedish Medical Journal (Läkartidningen). [“Suicide among Immigrants in Sweden drastically increasing]

NewsVoice: An updated estimation of civil casualties killed by drone strikes – An injury-epidemiology & human rights report

newsvoice marita anders marcello screenshot


Chairman of Swedish Doctors for Human Rights in exclusive interview by Sputnik

swedhr-in-global-research on UN vote


Deutsche Welle interviews Swedish Doctors for Human Rights chairman for background on case Assange


Opinion articles by Dr Leif Elinder (member of Swedhr) in the Swedish media:

SWEDHR Board - Dr Leif Elinder in Göteborg posten

Photo at Göteborg Posten, 2013

Fångar från Guantanamo måste få fristad i Sverige. Published in Aftonbladet. May, 15, 2012.

Kasta prestigen över bord i fallet Assange. Published in Göteborg Posten. September, 1, 2012

Ge Edward Snowden asyl i Sverige. Published in Göteborg Posten. August, 2, 2013.

Vad hade USA gjort om grannar gått i pakt med Ryssland?. Published in DN-Debatt. October, 21, 2014.

Erbjud uigurerna fristad i Sverige. Published in UNT. September, 3, 2013.


Prof Ferrada de Noli (Swedhr chairman)

SWDHR chairman Prof. Marcello Ferrada de Noli in RT exclusive interview on Swedish case against Assange

Screenshot from RT video, 2012

MSM blacks Assange as US seeks Manning linkRT exclusive interview on the risk of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’ extradition to the U.S. by Sweden. Transcripts of the interview. Aired March, 27, 2012

RT interview on ‘Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine’ at the program “On The New”. Aired May, 4, 2014.

En politisk lösning i fallet Assange – regeringsgarantier mot en utlämning (by Ferrada de Noli M, Romelsjö A. & Elinder L). Published in Västerbotten Kuriren, November, 1, 2014. English version: A political solution to the legal stalemate in the case Assange – Government guarantees against extradition. Published in The Professors’ Blog – Human Rights For All, November, 1, 2014

Prof Anders Romelsjö (Swedhr vice-chairman)

Prof Anders Romelsjö - SWEDHR Vice-Chairman

Anders Romelsjö, photo at syriensolidaritet.se

Kafka i Stockholm, Assange i London. Published in Jinge.se, December, 7, 2014



Book on Assange case in Sweden by Prof Marcello Ferrada de Noli - cover pic at SWEDHR


Book by Ulf Kalström & Anders Romelsjö - link at SWEDHR


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  • Läkartidnigen welcome materials from SWEDHR that would be in the interests of LT readers

Läkartidningen, the journal of the Swedish Medical Association, wrote the following in an email sent 13 March by the Debate editor to SWEDHR: “SWEDHR is welcome to return with newly information on the case (Dr Fikru Maru), or if (SWEDHR) would be engaging in yet another case of interest for Läkartidningen’s readers” (translation from Swedish).