Odessa 2 May 2014

At our section War crimes scenarios you will find links to three reports documenting the massacre of over 100 workers and their families, at the Odessa Trade Union Building in Odessa on the 2nd of May 2014. You will also find documentation of the aerial bombardment on the civil population of Luhansk, and on the slaughtering of civilians in Mariupol.  War crimes scenarios also reports episodes occurred in Gaza and Sudan.

Swedish Doctors for Human Rights strongly protests against the declarations uttered by the then Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt around events of the Odessa massacre perpetrated by fascist forces supporting the Kiev government.


carl bildt on odessa massacre -arson-attack-on-odessa-unions-building-left-over-100-dead-all-burned-corpses-of-young-women-and-men-all-anti-fascists-activists

Ex Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt commented the Odessa massacre and the use of force against “pro-Russian thugs” in Ukraine