Dr Leif Elinder wrote: “As much as the torture program itself, the inability to hold anyone accountable exposes the breakdown of constitutional forms of rule in the United States. Crimes have been committed, exposed openly before the entire world, and, within the framework of official political channels, absolutely nothing can or will be done about it. Under these conditions, it is impossible any longer to speak of democracy”.

See more of Dr Elinder’s reflections on this subject in the featured article on this theme published in SWEDHR Research & Reports, 21 May 2015.

Torture Reports

Physicians for Human Rights Full Report (PDF)

Doing Harm: Health Professionals’ Central Role in the CIA Torture Program

U.S. Senate complete report, eight chapters

The Torture Report


Research and research-review papers

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Torture and lack of accountability

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Suicidal behavior after severe trauma. Part 2: The association between methods of torture and of suicidal ideation in posttraumatic stress disorder


Media articles

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